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Physiotherapists are experts in the field of rehabilitation. We use the integrated theory of biomechanics and exercise therapy and current research, to regain normal movement, strength and endurance of the injured area and to re-establish normal fitness following injury, surgery or disease processes.

  • Rehabilitation incorporating exercise therapy for improved strength, flexibility, dynamic posture and re-education of walking and running gait. 
  • Exercise therapy is the mainstay of treatment following injury or surgery to repair ligaments, tendons, joints and prolapsed spinal discs.

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Cybex – Isokinetic Muscle Performance Analysis and Rehabilitation

rehabilitation-4-active-viii-1069Our Cybex muscle performance and training system enables us to directly measure the strength, power and endurance of your muscles at each stage of your rehabilitation.

We also have a comprehensive range of rehabilitation equipment facilities including Pilates reformer, treadmills, bike, cross-trainer, stepper, rowing machine and so on. 


Research undertaken by top Physiotherapists underpins the scientific basis of Pilates.

Pilates exercise has been used with physiotherapy to successfully treat ballet dancers, elite rowers and athletes, amongst others. 

rehabilitation-5-active-viii-1069It is a particularly successful adjunct to the treatment of people with low back pain, hip, knee and shoulder instability and can help prevent a recurrence of problems. 

Active VIII's has physiotherapy experts in Clinical Pilates