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Manual Therapy

Integrated (holistic) management of all your musculoskeletal problems through expert assessment, immediate clinical diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and integration of your lifestyle into your care.

The following are standard skills applied by ACTIVE VIII’s highly qualified physiotherapists:

Manual Therapy incorporates the following:

  • Manipulation & Maitland mobilisations
  • Mulligan, McKenzies and other Manual Therapy concepts
  • MET-MAPS: Myotatic activation /Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation 
  • Positional release
  • Myofascial techniques, Trigger point therapy & Soft tissue mobilisations
  • Deep soft tissue massage and Deep transverse frictions
  • Kinaesiology & Biomechanical Applications
  • Strapping, Taping and Bracing techniques
  • and more.......................

Manipulation & Mobilisation Techniques

Active VIII’s Physiotherapists employ joint manipulation and mobilisation techniques to help reduce pain and to restore normal joint movement that has been lost through injury, disease or following surgery. In physiotherapy, these techniques fall under the category of manual therapy.

  • Mobilizations are treatment techniques that involves the clinician applying a gliding, sliding or rotation force to help reduce pain and to restore normal joint play. Mobilizations are oscillatory techniques which may be sustained or dynamic in nature. They are graded to the particular problem and stage of recovery.
  • Manipulations are high velocity low amplitude thrust techniques used to adjust restricted or mal-aligned structures. These techniques are applied at the end of the available joint range in an attempt to break adhesions and to restore full joint mobility.

We use a variety of manual therapy techniques following surgery for problems such as cartilage and ligament repairs, and following fractures. It is also used to regain movement of stiff joints, muscles and tendons and to provide pain relief following injury or surgery.

 knee-joint-mobilisations-active-viii-1070 lumbar-spine-manipulation-active-viii-1513  cervical-spine-mobilisation-active-viii-1270 
Knee Joint Mobilisations Lumbar Spine Manipulation Cervical Spine Mobilisation

Mulligan, McKenzie and Manual Therapy Concepts

These are some of the many current techniques and concepts, used to treat a wide variety of musculo-skeletal problems. Active VIII's physiotherapists are skilled in their use.

mulligan knee-active-viii-1540 mckenzies-spinal-techniques-active-viii-1077 active-viii-manual-therapy-1276
Mulligan Techniques  McKenzies Spinal Techniques Manual Therapy  

Kinaesiology & Biomechanical Applications