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Posture Analysis

Good posture maximises the distribution of force through the body thereby optimizing the function of the musculoskeletal, neural and visceral systems.  This in turn helps to protect the body against injury and dysfunction. 

If the body is not held in good posture, this can lead to adverse affects on the joints, muscles and internal organs leading to pain and dysfunction.

For example if you sit in a poor position at your desk or computer for prolonged periods of time, you could develop tension headaches, neck and lower back pain.


Postural dysfunction can be a result of faulty biomechanics, previous injury, poor ergonomics or your work or home environment and psychosocial reasons. Often the cause is a combination of factors and these factors will play an important role in influencing our approach to your treatment.


Frequently, the circumstances in which we first meet our clients will be related to an acute problem accompanied by pain, needing our immediate attention. We also see clients who have had longstanding problems. The tendency for some professions may be to focus on the area of your pain in order to provide immediate relief of your symptoms.  Whilst this may help you initially, it will not resolve your problem and you are likely to return for regular treatment over a prolonged period of time in order to keep things at bay.


Our approach is different.  We apply an integrated approach to the assessment and management of your injury or dysfunction.  We want to understand the underlying influences that may have contributed to your problem.  In other words we want to know the "cause" of your pain.  This may include consideration of your lifestyle, psychosocial influences, work related postures and ergonomics, as well as any faulty biomechanics you might have.


Active VIII's physiotherapists are highly trained in this field and are experts on the biomechanics of normal and abnormal postures and postural dysfunctions.  This enables us to undertake an integrated approach to the management of your postural dysfunction, providing immediate pain relief and long term recovery.   One of our goals is to help you develop and maintain the optimal balance between muscles and their relationship with the skeletal system. 

Active VIII's Physiotherapists will undertake a thorough assessment, looking carefully at all of the parameters which may have caused your problem.

Following a short course of treatment and rehabilitation (including advice on correct posture, lifting or sports technique, or work station ergonomics and footwear), you should see significant improvement in your posture and prolonged pain relief.