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Bike Analysis

Are you a keen recreational cyclist, triathlete, competitive cyclist or mountain biker?  Have you been suffering from "niggles", such as back, neck, knee and arm pain or saddle soreness, or are you struggling to improve your performance? 

An incorrect bike-fit may be holding you back, and even worse, could lead to injury or chronic pain.  We have seen many clients whose "niggles" have soon progressed into more serious overuse injuries. The vast majority of these problems can be resolved by looking at your natural biomechanics and your bike-set-up.


Here at ACTIVE VIII, we have the latest technologies to analyse all of the above factors.  Our systems include: TEMPLO and Motion Quest motion analysis, RSScan foot scan - foot pressure, timing and angle analysis systems and Bushido - TACX bike ergometer system.

We can undertake a range of measurements from baseline bike and rider set-up up to advanced biomechanical analysis.  The analysis includes the following



Bushido - Tacx Ergometer

The world’s first wireless ergotrainer:
The Bushido is the newest ergotrainer by Tacx and by far the most advanced available today. Its technically revolutionary design only goes to confirm why Tacx leads the way in the world of analysis and connection to the software programme enable us to analyse:
  • performance
  • heart rate
  • cadence
  • speed
  • time.

bike-analysis -2-active-viii-1806 

We can undertake the following:


1.  A Baseline Bike-Fit analysis

  • to improve your bike set-up
  • to optimise your position for comfort and efficiency
  • to reduce "niggles" caused by poor bike set-up

2.  A full Biomechanical Bike Analysis - incorporating:

  •  baseline bike-fit analysis
  •  analysis of your injury
  •  analysis of biomechanics (your alignments, foot type, posture, average power, cadence, heart rate and so on)
  •  to enhance performance and reduce injury

Jeremy Lamming - GB Triathlete recommends ACTIVE VIII