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Jane Showering

"My children and myself have been regular clients at Active VIII for 13 years and through that time we've been able to benefit from a wide range of expertise and help that they have to offer.
Active VIII is considerably more than a physio clinic, it is a symbiotic community of dedicated, long term and highly trained people with expertise spread across all fields, from 'head to toe'!
The consistency and high level of care offered is, in my experience, unparalleled. Their role is symbiotic, Active VIII adapts, creates, tests and modifies their service and knowledge keeping pace and keeping ahead, on all fronts, enabling them to offer the ultimate service for their clients.
I can absolutely confirm that my family and I have benefitted and enjoyed 13 years of consistant caring and impressively advanced service from this dedicated team. They all keep themselves abreast with on-going training, they are contemporary with their contacts for referrals (reaching worldwide if need be) and yet all within the context of an impressive rhythmic consistency."